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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is an American-based sports league, considered to be the world's premier professional basketball league. The NBA contains 30 professional basketball teams, 29 in the U.S. and one in Canada.

Currently, each conference (Eastern or Western) is subdivided into three "divisions" of 5 teams each: East, West, and Central. A complete list of current teams appears below.

In the NBA, games are 48 minutes long, divided into four 12-minute quarters.

A player can commit an offensive or defensive personal foul whether or not he or she is handling the ball or guarding someone who is handling the ball. Each player is allowed up to six personal fouls before being disqualified from the game.

Acquiring two technical fouls in one game also leads to being kicked out of that game.

Flagrant fouls are a special type of personal foul that is called when the foul deemed excessively violent by the referee.

Teams, leagues and divisions

The NBA teams template is the catalog of teams, the conference, division, location, and when founded.

Click on a column header to sort the table by that item.

Team  Conference  Division  City  Year founded 
Boston Celtics Eastern Atlantic Boston, Massachusetts 1946
Brooklyn Nets Eastern Atlantic New York, New York 1967[1]
New York Knicks Eastern Atlantic New York, New York 1946
Philadelphia Sixers Eastern Atlantic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tbd
Toronto Raptors Eastern Atlantic Toronto, Ontario tbd
Chicago Bulls Eastern Central Chicago, Illinois tbd
Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Central Cleveland, Ohio tbd
Detroit Pistons Eastern Central Detroit, Michigan tbd
Indiana Pacers Eastern Central Indianapolis, Indiana tbd
Milwaukee Bucks Eastern Central Milwaukee, Wisconsin tbd
Atlanta Hawks Eastern Southeast Atlanta, Georgia tbd
Charlotte Hornets Eastern Southeast Charlotte, North Carolina tbd
Miami Heat Eastern Southeast Miami, Florida tbd
Orlando Magic Eastern Southeast Orlando, Florida tbd
Washington Wizards Eastern Southeast Washington, D.C. tbd
Denver Nuggets Western Northwest Denver, Colorado tbd
Minnesota Timberwolves Western Northwest Minneapolis, Minnesota tbd
Oklahoma City Thunder Western Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma tbd
Portland Trail Blazers Western Northwest Portland, Oregon tbd
Utah Jazz Western Northwest Salt Lake City, Utah tbd
Golden State Warriors Western Pacific San Francisco, California tbd
Los Angeles Clippers Western Pacific Los Angeles, California tbd
Los Angeles Lakers Western Pacific Los Angeles, California tbd
Phoenix Suns Western Pacific Phoenix, Arizona tbd
Sacramento Kings Western Pacific Sacramento, California tbd
Dallas Mavericks Western Southwest Dallas, Texas tbd
Houston Rockets Western Southwest Houston, Texas tbd
Memphis Grizzlies Western Southwest Memphis, Tennessee tbd
New Orleans Pelicans Western Southwest New Orleans, Louisiana tbd
San Antonio Spurs Western Southwest San Antonio, Texas tbd

NOTE: Contents of the above table is from this template.

  1. The Nets, founded in 1967, initially played in Teaneck, New Jersey, as the New Jersey Americans. Then they played in Long Island as the New York Nets for a period, after which they played as the New Jersey Nets in various locations, in including Piscataway and East Rutherford.