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Myron C. Lake/Gallery

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A collection of images about Myron C. Lake.
  • NHS = Nevada Historical Society, Reno, Nevada
  • UNR = University of Nevada-Reno
Important Images from Reno's Earliest Days
~ Beginning of Lake's Crossing ~Va. City Territorial EnterpriseJuly 20, 1861, p.3 (NHS)
~ Beginning of Lake's Crossing ~
Va. City Territorial Enterprise
July 20, 1861, p.3 (NHS)
~ Reno's Birthday ~(unidentified Calif. newspaper)NHS
~ Reno's Birthday ~
(unidentified Calif. newspaper)
~ First Map of Reno, April 1868 ~J.R. Scupham & J.M. Graham, Central Pacific Railroad
© Photo: DeLaMare Library
~ First Map of Reno, April 1868 ~
J.R. Scupham & J.M. Graham, Central Pacific Railroad
~ Lake's Hotel Made Over ~Nevada State JournalNovember 23, 1870, p. 4
~ Lake's Hotel Made Over ~
Nevada State Journal
November 23, 1870, p. 4