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Militant Islam Monitor is an online resource, not identified as to sponsor or staff other than "", with a mission of "documenting the activities and identities of Islamist individuals and groups in the United States and abroad".[1] Its "about" page quotes Eliot Cohen that the "the War on Terror is World War IV", and Daniel Pipes, founder of Middle East Forum, saying "The enemy in this war is not terrorism, but militant Islam."

A number of its articles are signed by Beila Rabinowitz, who appears in a writer list at Middle East Forum.[2]

The Arab Thought Forum, founded in Palestine, refers to it as a source of hate speech:
...a mysterious un-identified website claiming that it "provides informational arsenal necessary to take part in the struggle against militant Islam and terrorism" are misusing the rights to freedom of expression by using written communication, intimidation and other forms of tactical behaviors which measure as prejudice. The site uses hate speech to limit the free development of political discourse and degrade, intimidate and incite prejudicial action against Palestinian and other groups‘ opinions which do no correspond to their own.[3]