Marx Brothers

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The Marx Brothers were an American comedy team whose career, performing together or separately, spanned more than seventy years, performing in vaudeville, Broadway, motion pictures radio and television. The five Marx brothers were Leonard (1886 – 1961), Adolph Arthur (1888 – 1964) Julius Henry (1890 – 1977), Milton (1893 – 1977) and Herbert (1901 – 79). They were much better known by the nick names they adopted for performance: Chico (pronounced Chick-o) (Leonard), Harpo (Adolph), Groucho (Julius), Gummo (milton) and Zeppo (Herbert). The three core members of the group, Chico, Harpo and Groucho adopted exaggerated comic personas. Chico was the recent immigrant, frequently mangling the English language. Groucho was the fast talking faux authority figure.Harpo was Chico's mute, clownish sidekick. Gummo, followed in later years by Zeppo, played a somewhat gentler parody of the romantic lead.