M60 machine gun

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An extensively used U.S. medium machine gun firing 7.62mm NATO standard rifle cartridges, it was introduced in 1957 and still is in production. There are variants for infantry, aircraft, and vehicle use.

When the U.S. introduced the M16 (rifle) firing 5.56mm ammunition, logistical problems began to emerge, with at least two types of ammunition, 7.62mm full-power and 5.56mm intermediate-power, in the same small units. In the role of the squad automatic, the M60 was eventually replaced by the 5.56mm M249 (machine gun).

While it is still in use, the M240 (machine gun), also firing the 7.62mm cartridge, has replaced the M60 in many U.S. applications; the major reason for the change is NATO standardization.