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A list of key readings about Logarithm.
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Text books explaining the real logarithm:

  • Stan Gibilisco and Norman H. Crowhurst (2007). Mastering Technical Mathematics, 3rd Edition. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-149448-0. 
  • Lawrence S. Leff (2005). Precalculus the Easy Way. Barron's Educational Series. ISBN 0-7641-2892-2. 
  • Robert C. Weast (Editor) (1975). Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 56th Edition. CRC Press. ISBN 0-87819-455-X. 
  • Staff of the REA (1999). Math Made Nice and Easy (Book 2). Research and Education Association (REA), pages 232-246. ISBN 0-87891-201-0. 

Popular book, focusing on history:

  • Gullberg, Jan (1997). Mathematics: from the birth of numbers.. W. W. Norton & Co. ISBN 039304002X.