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  • Eigenvalue [r]: A vector v is an eigenvector of a matrix A if A v = λ v; the number λ is the eigenvalue of the matrix A belonging to the eigenvector v. [e]
  • Field (mathematics) [r]: An algebraic structure with operations generalising the familiar concepts of real number arithmetic. [e]
  • Identity matrix [r]: A square matrix with ones on the main diagonal and zeroes elsewhere: the identity element for matrix multiplication. [e]
  • Linear system [r]: A dynamical system which relates a set input signals to another set of output signals in a linear fashion. [e]
  • Nonlinear programming [r]: Branch of applied mathematics concerned with finding the maximum or minimum of a function of several variables, when the variables are constrained to yield values of other functions lying in a certain range. [e]
  • Rigid motion [r]: A transformation which preserves the geometrical properties of the Euclidean spacea distance-preserving mapping or isometry. [e]
  • Zero matrix [r]: A matrix consisting entirely of zero entries. [e]