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Laura Bertram (born 5 September 1978 in Toronto, Ontario, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian actress best known for her television roles as Amanda Zimm in the series Ready or Not (1993-1997) and as Trance Gemini in the series Andromeda (2000-2005).


Laura Maureen Bertram was born the eldest of three sisters in Toronto, Canada. Her early life was spent training to be a ballerina, which she began at age four and studied for twelve years. Her big break in acting came in 1992 when she won the role of Amanda Zimm in the half-hour television series Ready or Not, which aired on Global Television Network in its native Canada and on Showtime and later The Disney Channel in the United States. During the show's run, Bertram appeared in guest-starring roles on such shows as Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, as well as acting in numerous television movies, including The Boys Next Door, Night of the Twisters and Sins of Silence.

After Ready or Not left the air in 1997, she appeared in the movies Platinum, Elimination Dance and Seasons of Love, before returning to regular series television in 2000 as Trance Gemini in the Gene Roddenberry hourlong sci-fi show Andromeda, which ran for five seasons on Canada's Global Television Network and in syndication across the United States. The series was shot in Vancouver, Canada, where she relocated to from her native Toronto.

Following the end of Andromeda's run, Miss Bertram remained in Vancouver and took roles in the television movies Veiled Truth and Murder on Pleasant Drive, as well as the feature film Solitaire and te short film Fracture. In 2007, she appeared in four episodes of the Canadian series Robson's Arms, playing the character Chris Colton. Like Andromeda, the show is filmed in Vancouver. In 2008, she will be seen in the feature film Control Alt Delete.

Regarding working in her home country, Miss Bertram once stated: "I love Canada! I hope that I can always work here. Obviously, I would not turn away an offer in the States if it was something that I thought would be a great opportunity, but I really would love to just stay here. The reason I would love to stay in Canada is because it is my home and I love it here!"[1]

Her younger sisters, Heather and Jennifer, are also actresses. Miss Bertram currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.