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A timeline (or several) relating to John Franklin.

List of Franklin search expeditions

1848–1849: James Clark Ross in Investigator and Enterprise
1848–1851: John Richardson and John Rae overland expedition
1848–1851: Plover and Herald via Bering Strait
1850–1854: Robert McClure in Investigator via Bering Strait
1850–1851: William Penny in Lady Franklin and Sophia
1850–1851: Horatio T. Austin in four-ship Royal Navy expedition
1850–1851: Sir John Ross in private expedition
1850: Charles Codrington Forsyth in Prince Albert, financed by Lady Franklin
1850–1851: Edwin J. De Haven in first Grinnell expedition
1851–1852: William Kennedy and Joseph René Bellot in Prince Albert, financed by Lady Franklin
1852–1854: Sir Edward Belcher in a five-ship Royal Navy expedition
1852: Edward Augustus Inglefield in Isabel, financed by Lady Franklin
1853–1855: Elisha Kent Kane in second Grinnell expedition
1853–1854: John Rae on behalf of the Hudson Bay Company
1857–1859: Francis Leopold McClintock in Fox, financed by Lady Franklin
1864–1869: Charles Francis Hall
1875: Allen Young in Pandora, in a private expedition
1876: Allen Young in Pandora, in a second private expedition which also took despatches to the expedition of Sir George Nares for the Admiralty
1878–1880: Frederick Schwatka, sponsored by the American Geographical Society