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A list of key readings about John Franklin.
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  • Sir John Franklin's Last Expedition, by Richard J. Cyriax (1939; repr. 1997) ISBN 952739410 is the standard work in the field.
  • Captain Francis Crozier: Last Man Standing?, by Michael Smith. Collins Press, 2006. ISBN 1905172095
  • Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony, by David C. Woodman. McGill-Queen's University Press, 1992. ISBN 0773509364
  • Frozen In Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition, by Owen Beattie and John Geiger.
  • The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the North West Passage and the North Pole, 1818-1909, by Pierre Berton. ISBN 0385658451
  • "The Type and Number of Expeditions in the Franklin Search 1847–1859," by W. Gillies Ross. Arctic, Vol.. 55, No.. 1 (March 2002) pp. 57–69.
  • "The Final Days of the Franklin Expedition: New Skeletal Evidence," by Anne Keenleyside, Margaret Bertulli and Henry C. Fricke. Arctic Vol.50, No. 1 (March 1997) pp. 36 to 46.
  • '"Franklin Saga Deaths: A Mystery Solved?" National Geographic Magazine, Vol 178, No 3, Sept. 1990
  • The Arctic Fox - Francis Leopold McClintock, Discoverer of the fate of Franklin, David Murray, 2004. Collins Press, ISBN 1550025236
  • Resolute: The Epic Search for the Northwest Passage and John Franklin, and the Discovery of the Queen’s Ghost Ship, by Martin Sandler (Sterling, 2007) ISBN 1402740859
  • NOVA Arctic Passage (DVD of TV documentary) ASIN B000EOTE8G
  • Revealed: The Lost Expedition, a documentary produced by John Murray for Channel 5 (UK)