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More information relevant to Jimmy Page.
  • 'Ultimately, I wanted Zeppelin to be a marriage of blues, hard rock and acoustic music, topped with heavy choruses-a combination that had never been done before. Lots of light and shade in the music.' - Jimmy Page, (1993)
  • 'My vocation is more in composition really than in anything else- building up harmonies using the guitar, orchestrating the guitar like an army, a guitar army.' - Jimmy Page
  • 'I was seduced by rock and roll at an early age, that's for sure.' - Jimmy Page
  • When asked what was up with his double-neck guitar: 'Actually, I'm getting one made up with eight necks and I'm going to get a wheelwright to make a big rim around it and then I can do cartwheels off the stage.' - Jimmy Page
  • 'The music is what matters. Let people buy it because they like the music. I don't want ANY writing on the cover! Period!' - Jimmy Page talking about Led Zeppelin's fourth album
  • 'So many people are frightened to take a chance in life and there's so many chances you have to take. You can't just find yourself doing something and not happy doing it. If you're working at the factory and you're cursing every day that you get up, at all costs get out of it. You'll just make yourself ill. That's why I say I'm very fortunate because I love what I'm doing. Seeing people's faces, really getting off on them, makes me incredibly happy. Genuinely.' - Jimmy Page, 1975