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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Jimmy Page.

This is a catalog of all known sessions performed and/or recorded by the artist Jimmy Page. This list excludes works within Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds, the Firm, Coverdale/Page, Page and Plant, and the Black Crowes.

Date Title Artist/s Official recordings
1963-01-02 'Diamonds'/'Hully Gully' Jet Harris and Tony Meehan Decca F 11563
1963-02-27 'Trouble is My Middle Name'/'Let the Good Times Roll' Brook Brothers Pye 7N 15498
1963-06-12 'Sweet and Tender Romance'/'Who Told You?' Carter-Lewis and the Southerners Oriole CB 1835
1963-06-12 'Mr. Porter'/'Yes Indeed I Do' Mickie Most Decca F 11664
1963-06-26 'Hello Josephine'/'Road Runner' Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders Fontana TF 404
1963-06-26 'Dance On'/'Playboy' Kathy Kirby Decca F 11682
1963-07-10 'The Worryin' Kind'/Come to Me' ‡ Brian Howard and the Silhouettes Columbia DB 7067
1963-07-17 'A Little Bit of Something Else'/'Get a Load of This' Neil Christian and the Crusaders Columbia DB 7075
1963-08-15 'That's What I Want'/'Hey, What'd You Say' Marauders Decca F 11695
1963-08-15 'I Do'/'Don't You Dig This Kinda Beat' Chris Ravel and the Ravers Decca F 11696
1963-09-18 'Please Believe Me'/'Angie' Gregory Phillips Pye 7N 15546
1963-09-25 'The Feminine Look'/'Shame on You Boy' Mickie Most Columbia DB 7117
1963-10-24 'Your Momma's Out of Town'/'Somebody Told My Girl' Carter-Lewis and the Southeners Oriole CB 1919
1963-11-01 'Secret Love'/'You Have to Want to Touch Him' Kathy Kirby Decca F 11759
1963-11-15 'Blowing Wild'/'Crazy Dreams' Houston Wells and the Marksmen Parlophone R 5069
1963-11-15 'Country Boy'/'Long Tall Jack' Heinz Decca F 11768
1963-11-22 'Not Too Little - Not Too Much'/'I'm Lookin Chris Sandford Decca F 11778
1963-11-29 'Love Hit Me'/'Don't Make Me Mad' Orchids Decca F 11785
1963-12-06 'Talkin' Bout You'/'Come on Girl' Redcaps Decca F 11965
1963-12-13 'Sea Cruise'/'It's a Little Bit Hot' Mickie Most Columbia DB 7180
1963-12-13 'Roll Over Beethoven'/'Is It Love?' Pat Wayne with the Beachcombers Columbia DB 7182
1964-01-03 'Come on Let's Go'/'Pop the Whip' Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds Decca F 11800
1964-01-03 'My Baby Left Me'/'Hoochie Coochie Man' Dave Berry Decca F 11803
1964-01-17 'I Can Tell'/'Sweet Little Baby' Zephyrs Columbia DB 7199
1964-01-24 'Candy Man'/'I Wish I Could Dance' Brain Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 11823
1964-01-31 'It Must be Love'/'Say Girl' Sheffields Pye 7N 15600
1964-02-14 'Let Me Go, Lover'/'Sweetest Sounds' Kathy Kirby Decca F 11832
1964-03-06 'One Fine Day'/'It's Gonna Happen Soon' ‡ Shel Naylor Decca F 11856
1964-03-13 'I've Got That Feeling'/'Larry' ‡ Orchids Decca F 11861
1964-03-20 'Once In a While'/'Poor Poor Plan' The Brooks Decca F 11868
1964-03-20 'Money Honey'/'That's Alright' Mickie Most and the Gear Columbia DB 7245
1964-03-20 'Little Child'/'Never a Mention' Jackie Lynton Pye 7N 35177
1964-03-27 'Got My Mojo Working'/'Beautiful Dreamer' Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers Parlophone R 5119
1964-03-27 'Skinny Minnie'/'Easy to Cry' Carter-Lewis and the Southerners Oriole CB 1919
1964-04-17 'Shout'/'Forget Me Baby' Lulu and the Luvers Decca F 11884
1964-04-17 'Pills'/'Hush Your Mouth' ঠMickey Finn and the Blue Men Oriole CB 1927
1964-04-24 'I Will'/'Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)' Billy Fury Decca F 11888
1964-04-24 'Hooked'/'Back in the U.S.A.' Brian Howard and the Silhouettes Fontana TF 464
1964-04-24 'She's My Girl'/'Wonderful You' Bobby Shafto Parlophone R 5130
1964-05-08 'Apple Blossom Time'/'I Don't Want to Tell You Again' Pickwicks Decca F 11901
1964-05-15 'Hold Me'/'The Tips of My Fingers' P.J. Proby Decca F 11904
1964-05-15 'Putty in Your Hands'/'One Fine Day' ₪ Jean and the Statesides Columbia DB 7287
1964-05-22 'Alright Baby'/'Love You All Over Again' Quotations Decca F 11907
1964-05-22 'Honey Hush'/'One for the Money' Christian's Crusaders Columbia DB 7289
1964-06-12 'Baby What's Wrong'/'Be a Sect Maniac' Downliners Sect Columbia DB 7300
1964-06-19 'Reelin' and Rockin'/'I Still Want You' ↔¶ Mickey Finn and the Blue Men Oriole CB 1940
1964-06-19 'Something's Got a Hold on Me'/'Hello Stranger' Elkie Brooks Decca F 11928
1964-06-26 'Tobacco Road'/'I Like It Like That' Nashville Teens Decca F 11930
1964-07-17 'The Crying Game'/'Don't Give Me No Lip Child' ฿ Dave Berry Decca F 11937
1964-07-17 'It's Only Make Believe'/'Baby What You Want Me to Do' Billy Fury Decca F 11939
1964-07-21 'Heart of Stone' Rolling Stones, The Decca
1964-07-24 'Bye Bye Baby'/'She's Fallen in Love with the Monster Man' Screaming Lord Sutch Oriole CB 1944
1964-07-31 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright'/'Anytime at All' Fairies Decca F 11943
1964-08-14 'Twelve Steps to Love'/'Don't Cry' Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 11951
1964-08-14 'Kelly'/'See You Later Alligator' Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds Pye 7N 15680
1964-08-21 'Walk Around'/'Here's Another Day' Mudlarks Fontana TF 495
1964-08-21 'You're Old Enough'/'Hello Lady' Pickwicks Decca F 11957
1964-08-28 'Is It True'/'What'd I Say' Brenda Lee Brunswick 05915
1964-08-28 'Can't Hear You No More/'I Am in Love' Lulu Decca F 11965
1964-08-28 'Together'/'Sweet and Tender Romance' P.J. Proby Decca F 11967
1964-08-28 'Young Love'/'The Rise of the Brighton Surf' Bo and Peep Decca F 11968
1964-09-04 'I'll Cry Instead'/'Those Precious Words' Joe Cocker Decca F 11974
1964-09-04 'Stirs Me Up'/'Keep Your Hand Out of My Pocket' ₭ Otis Spann Decca F 11972
1964-09-25 'Walk Tall'/'Only the Heartaches' Val Doonican Decca F 11982
1964-10-02 'The Twelfth of Never'/'I'm Afraid to Go Home' ↔¶ Cliff Richard Columbia DB 7372
1964-10-09 'A Certain Girl'/'Leave My Kitten Alone' First Gear Pye 7N 15703
1964-10-09 'Now We're Thru'/'There Are Some' Poets Decca F 11995
1964-10-09 'Google Eye'/'T.N.T.' Nashville Teens Decca F 11200
1964-10-23 'Dracula's Daughter'/'Come Back Baby' Screaming Lord Sutch Oriole CB 1962
1964-10-23 'Bald Headed Woman'/'I Just Can't Get to Sleep' Sneekers Columbia DB 7385
1964-10-30 'Downtown'/'You'd Better Love Me' Petula Clark Pye 7N 15722
1964-10-30 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl'/'I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town' Rod Stewart Decca F 11996
1964-10-30 'Terry'/'The Boy of My Dreams' Twinkle Decca F 12013
1964-11-06 'Skinny Minnie'/'Now I Know' Beat Chics Decca F 12016
1964-11-06 'Here Comes the Night'/'That's Really Some Good' Lulu Decca F 12017
1964-11-06 'Baby Please Don't Go'/'Gloria' Them Decca F 12018
1964-11-06 'Help Me'/'Let Them Tell' Primitives Pye 7N 15721
1964-11-13 'Don't Turn Your Back on Me'/'Be Good Baby' Jackie De Shannon Liberty LIB 10175
1964-11-13 'We'll Sing in the Sunshine'/'Was She Tall' Lancastrians Pye 7N 15732
1964-11-13 'One Heart Between Two'/'You're Gonna Need Somebody' Dave Berry Decca F 12020
1964-11-20 'I've Been Watching You'/'Sugar Baby' Jimmy Powell Pye 7N 15735
1964-11-20 'Heatwave' Lulu Decca DFE 8597
1964-11-27 'Sweet and Tender Romance'/'That Lonely Feeling' McKinleys Parlophone R 5211
1964-12-11 'Zing Went the Strings of My Heart'/'Stagger Lee'/'Linda Lu' P.J. Proby Liberty LEP 2192
1965-01-01 'I'm Lost Without You'/'You Better Believe It' Billy Fury Decca F 12048
1965-01-08 'You Said'/'How Do You Feel' Primitives Pye 7N 15755
1965-01-08 'Skin Deep'/'Zoom, Widge & Wag' ₢ Bobby Graham Fontana TF 521
1965-01-08 'The Special Years'/'Travelling Home' ঠVal Doonican Decca F 12049
1965-01-08 'Little by Little'/'I Took My Baby Home' Pickwicks Warner Bros. WB 151
1965-01-15 'To Wait for Love'/'Behind My Smile' Paul Anka RCA Victor RCA 1434
1965-01-22 'The 'In' Crowd'/'Gotta Make Their Future Bright' First Gear Pye 7N 15763
1965-01-22 'It's Not Unusual'/'To Wait for Love (Is to Waste Your Life Away' Tom Jones Decca F 12062
1965-02-05 'Come and Stay with Me'/'What Have I Done Wrong' Marianne Faithfull Decca F 12075
1965-02-12 'Silhouettes'/'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat' Herman's Hermits Columbia DB 7475
1965-02-12 'Diggin' My Potatoes'/'She Ain't Comin' Back' Heinz and the Wild Boys Columbia DB 7482
1965-03-05 'I Pity the Fool'/'Take My Tip' Manish Boys Parlophone R 5250
1965-03-12 'Little Things'/'I've Got a Tiger by the Tail' Dave Berry Decca F 12103
1965-03-12 'This Sporting Life'/'Night Comes Down' Mickey Finn Columbia DB 7510
1965-03-19 'Get Yourself Home'/'I'll Dance' Fairies HMV POP 1404
1965-04-02 'I'm Gonna Get There Somehow'/'Where Can I Find Her' Val Doonican Decca F 12118
1965-04-02 'I've Got My Tears to Remind Me'/'I Found Out' ₢ Doug Gibbons Decca F 12122
1965-04-09 'After a While'/'You Know' Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 12124
1965-04-16 'Satisfied'/'Surprise Surprise' Lulu Decca F 12128
1965-04-16 'Leaves Come Tumbling Down'/'Come My Way' ₢ Judi Smith Decca F 12132
1965-04-23 'Masters of War'/'Castin' My Spell' Talismen Stateside SS 408
1965-04-30 'Try to Forget Me'/'Little Surfer Girl' ₢ Kenny ansd Denny Decca F 12139
1965-05-14 'What the World Needs Now is Love'/'Be Good Baby' Jackie De Shannon Liberty LIB 10202
1965-05-14 'Just Like in the Movies'/'Get Along Without You' ₢ Phillippa Lewis Decca F 12152
1965-05-21 'Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind'/'I Want to be Alone' Vashti Decca F 12157
1965-05-28 'Each and Every Day'/'There You Go' Thee Decca F 12163
1965-05-28 'It Hurts Me When I Cry'/'Everybody Knows' Sean Buckley and the Breadcrumbs Stateside SS 421
1965-06-18 'Jack O'Diamonds'/'Right Behind You' Ben Carruthers and the Deep Parlophone R 5295
1965-06-18 'I'll Go Crazy'/'My Baby Is Gone' Untamed Stateside SS 431
1965-06-25 'Let the Water Run Down'/'I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore' P.J. Proby Liberty LIB 10206
1965-07-02 'Pretty Little Girl'/'I Don't Wanna Be Hurt No More' Majority Decca F 12186
1965-07-02 'This Strange Effect'/'Now' Dave Berry Decca F 12188
1965-07-10 'The Monkey Time'/'Chocolate Rolls, Tea and Monopoly' Golden Apples of the Sun, The Decca F 12194
1965-07-10 'I Want Candy'/'Love Me Baby' Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Decca F 12197
1965-08-17 'Choker', 'Draggin' My Tail', 'Snake Drive', and 'West Coast Idea' John Mayall with Eric Clapton Immediate
1965-08-19 'Bells of Rhymney'/'Just Like Anyone Would Do' ₢ Fifth Avenue Immediate IM 002
1965-08-19 'The Last Mile'/'I'm Not Sayin Nico Immediate IM 003
1965-08-20 'Keep on Doing It'/'Song We Sang Last Summer' ₢ Outsiders Decca F 12213
1965-08-27 'Down in the Boondocks'/'That's the One' ₢ Gregory Phillips Immediate IM 004
1965-09-03 'She Belongs to Me'/'Taken My Love' Masterminds Immediate IM 005
1965-09-22 'The Monkey Time'/'Chocolate Rolls, Tea and Monopoly' Golden Apples of the Sun, The Immediate IM 010
1965-09-22 'I'm Your Witchdoctor'/'Telephone Blues' ₨ John Mayall with Eric Clapton Immediate IM 012
1965-09-24 'It's Good News Week'/'Afraid of Love' Hedgehoppers Anonymous Decca F 12241
1965-10-01 'Gotta Get Away'/'You Don't Care' Val Lenton Immediate IM oo8
1965-10-15 'Someday'/'(We're) Wastin' Time' Jimmy Tarbuck Immediate IM 018
1965-10-22 'A Lifetime of Loneliness'/'I Remember the Boy' ↔ Jackie De Shannon Liberty LIB 12019
1965-11-01 'What I Say' Eddy Mitchell French n/a
1965-11-05 'Moondreams'/'Wait for Me' ₢ Les Fleurs de Lys Immediate IM 020
1965-11-12 'Mystic Eyes'/'If You and I Could Be as Two' Them Decca F 12281
1965-11-12 'Mary Anne'/'Like Grains of Yellow Sands' Glyn Johns Immediate IM 013
1965-11-19 'You Were on My Mind'/'What I'm Gonna Be' Crispian St. Peters Decca F 12287
1965-11-19 'To Whom It Concerns'/'It's All Up to You Now' Chris Andrews Decca F 22285
1965-12-01 'N-E-R-V-O-U-S' and 'Sugar Baby' Ian Whitcomb French Capitol EAP 1-22004
1966-01-14 'Will You Follow Me'/'Head Death' ₨ Paul Polydor BN 56045
1966-01-21 'You're So Good to Me'/'Can't Go Home Anymore My Love' Factotums Immediate IM 033
1966-01-21 'Call Me'/'After You' Lulu Decca F 12326
1966-01-28 'Good Hard Rock'/'High Blood Pressure' Ian Whitcomb Capitol CL 15431
1966-01-28 'The World Keeps Going Round'/'Not the Same Anymore' Lancastrians Pye 7N 17043
1966-02-11 'So Much in Love'/'Our Soul Brother TH' Charles Dickens Immediate IM 025
1966-02-25 'Teensville'/'Grotty Drums' Bobby Graham Fontana TF 667
1966-03-11 'Call My Name'/'Bring 'Em on In' Them Decca F 12355
1966-03-25 'Circles'/'So Come On' Les Fleurs de Lys Immediate IM 032
1966-03-25 'The Pied Piper'/'Sweet Dawn, My True Love' Crispian St. Peters Decca F 12359
1966-05-20 'Sittin' on a Fence'/Baby I Want You' Twice as Much Immediate IM 033
1966-06-17 'Out of Time'/'Baby Make It Soon' ‡ Chris Farlowe Immediate IM 035
1966-07-29 'Give Me Your Word'/'She's So Far Out She's In' Billy Fury Decca F 12459
1966-07-29 'I Don't Want You'/'If I Had You Baby' ঠMickey Finn Polydor BM 56 719
1966-08-12 'The Elf'/'Turn Into Earth' Al Stewart Decca F 12467
1966-08-19 'Step out of Line'/'Simplified' Twice as Much Immediate IM 036
1966-08-19 'I Tried'/'I Can't Quit You Baby' Savoy Brown Blues Band Purdah 45-3503
1966-09-02 'You Must Be the One'/'Why Treat Me This Way' Tommy Vance Columbia DB 7999
1966-09-05 Mord und Totschlag (A Degree of Murder). Brian Jones Epic
1966-09-22 'Magic Rocking Horse'/'It Ain't Right' Pinkerton's Assorted Colours Decca F 12493
1966-10-07 'Time Drags'/'La La La Song' Cliff Richard Columbia DB 8017
1966-11-04 'Paint it Black' on The Art of Chris Farlowe Chris Farlowe Immediate IMLP 006
1966-11-25 'It's Not Easy'/'Mary, Mary' Normie Rowe Polydor BM 56132
1966-11-25 'Shapes in My Mind'/'Blue Sands' ‡ Keith Relf Columbia DB 8084
1966-12-02 'Sunshine Superman'/'The Trip' Donovan Pye 7N 17241
1967-01-27 'Ooh La La'/'Ain't Nobody Home' Normie Rowe Polydor BM 56144
1967-03-10 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'/'Beck's Bolero' ↔ Jeff Beck Columbia DB 8151
1967-04-07 'Crystal Ball'/'Why Don't They All Go and Leave Me Alone' Twice as Much Immediate IM 042
1967-05-12 'Barrelhouse Woman'/'Under Your Hood' Champion Jack Dupree Decca F 12611
1967-06-23 'Moanin'/'What Have I Been Doing' Chris Farlowe Immediate IM 056
1967-08-04 'The Last Time'/'Under My Thumb' Rolling Stones, The Track 604006
1967-10-27 'Love Loves to Love Love'/'You and I' Lulu Columbia DB 8295
1967-12-01 'Garden of My Mind'/'Time to Start Loving You' Mickey Finn Direction 58-3086
1968-03-15 'Marjorine'/'The New Age of Lily' Joe Cocker Regal Zonophone RZ 3006
1968-05-21 'Hurdy Gurdy Man'/'Teen Angel' ‡ Donovan Pye 7N 17537
1968-07-25 'Paint It Black'/'I Just Need Your Loving' Chris Farlowe Immediate IM 071
1968-09-20 'With a Little Help from My Friends'/'Something's Coming On' Joe Cocker Regal Zonophone RZ 3013
1968-10-25 'The Day That Lorraine Came Down'/'Mary Hopkins Never Had Days Like These' P.J. Proby Liberty LBF 15152
1969-01-10 'Knick Knack Man'/'A Penny for the Sun' Cartoone Atlantic 584 240
1969-04-04 'Way of Life'/'Throw It Away' Family Dogg, The Liberty BLL 1055
1969-08-22 'Hanging Down from Your Loving Tree'/'Empty Bottles' P.J. Proby Liberty LBF 15245
1969-10-31 'Today I Killed a Man'/'It's Too Good to Last' P.J. Proby Liberty LBF 15280
1970-02-01 'Cause I Love You'/'Thumping Beat' Screaming Lord Sutch Atlantic 584 321
1970-06-01 'Election Fever'/'Rock the Election' Screaming Lord Sutch Atlantic 2091 017
1971-05-01 'Same Old Rock' on Stormcock Roy Harper Harvest SHVL 789
1973-03-01 'The Lord's Prayer' and 'Bank of the Dead' on Life Mask Roy Harper Harvest SHVL 808
1974-02-14 'Male Chauvinist Pig Blues' on Valentine Roy Harper Harvest SHSP 4027
1974-11-01 Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion Roy Harper Harvest SHDW 405
1975-03-31 'If You Don't Know' on Suicide Sal Maggie Bell Swan Song SS 8412
1984-07-30 '50/50', 'Flaming Heart', and 'Right by You' on Right by You Stephen Stills Atlantic 80177
1984-10-01 'Sea of Love' and 'I Get a Thrill' on The Honeydrippers, Vol. 1 The Honeydrippers Es Paranza 90220
1985-03-22 'Spaghetti Junction' and 'Crackback' on Scream for Help John Paul Jones Atlantic 80190
1985-04-25 'These Arms of Mine' and 'Slippin' and Slidin on Willie and the Poor Boys Willie and the Poor Boys Ripple Records BILL 1
1986-03-20 'Asylum' on Strange Land Box of Frogs Epic BFE-39923
1986-03-24 'One Hit (to the Body)' on Dirty Work Rolling Stones, The CBS 86321
1988-02-29 'Heaven Knows' and 'Tall Cool One' on Now and Zen Robert Plant Es Paranza 790863
1998-07-28 'Come with Me' Puff Daddy Epic/ Sony Music Soundtrax 78966

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On harmonica only
Harmonica and guitar

Harmonica, guitar and bass
฿ Rhythm guitar
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