Irish traditional music/Discography

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Discography of Irish traditional music.
  • Altan. The Best of Altan. Green Linnet GLCD 1177. Altan is one of the finest and most popular Irish traditional bands in the history of recorded music; these tracks are from the 1980s and 1990s.
  • The Chieftains. The Very Best of the Claddagh Years. Wea/Atlantic 83224. A selection of the early and influential work of this, probably the best-known of Irish traditional bands.
  • The Bothy Band. The First Album/1975. Green Linnet GLCD 3011. One of the best and most influential albums from one of the most talented Irish traditional groups.
  • Coleman, Michael. 1891-1945. Gael-Linn/Viva Voce CEFCD 161. Coleman's setting of tunes are still played. His playing was long regarded as the standard for Irish fiddling.
  • The Kilfenora Ceili Band. Set on Stone. Torc TOLCD 1. A fine ceili (dance) band -- a taste of what ceili bands can sound like today.
  • The Lark in the Morning. Tradition TCD001. A very nice album of unaccompanied Irish song from the 1950s, with some fiddling as well.
  • Traditional Dance Music of Ireland. Saydisc CD-SDL 420. A traditional recording with some of the greatest of Irish musicians of the mid-twentieth century, including John Doherty, Michael Gorman, Paddy Taylor, and Seamus Ennis.