Intra-articular injection

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In medicine, an intra-articular injection is a drug administration route into the synovial fluid of a joint space.[1] Related is an arthrocentesis, which is removing fluid from the synovial fluid.

The most common indication is for inflammation, using corticosteroid, possibly with a supplementary local anesthetic.


Intra-articular opioids have been used for postoperative pain relief.[2], although a review challenged the efficacy of the practice. [3]

Injections of methylene blue or fluoroscein have been used to delineate fractures and other damage. This is a painful procedure requiring parenteral as well as local injection. [4]

Sacroiliac joint

In small randomized-controlled trials published before mandatory trial registration, intrarticular corticosteroids reduce pain.[5][6]


The technique has been reviewed.[7]

Guided injection

Various imaging modalities have been used to guide the injection.

Guidance with ultrasonography, rather than relying on palpation by an experienced clinician, may[8][9][10] or may not[11][12] increase successful injection or aspiration.

Sacroiliac joint

Even with ultrasonography guidance, less than half of injections enter the sacroiliac joint.[13]

X-ray computed tomography has also been used. In a study that also used magnetic resonance imaging to assess the degree of inflammation, CT guidance was used to inject the sacroiliac joint. [14]

Drugs used

The most common drugs used are corticosteroids for inflammation, often combined with a local anesthetic.


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