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House of Commons (United Kingdom)/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about House of Commons (United Kingdom).
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Parent topics

  • Parliament [r]: Legislative body convened for its (often elected) members to propose, debate, pass, amend or repeal the laws of a political region such as a state; used with particular reference to the legislative system found in many British Commonwealth countries (i.e., the Westminster system) [e]
  • Parliament of the United Kingdom [r]: The supreme legislative body in the United Kingdom its territories. [e]
  • Lower house [r]: One of two chambers of a bicameral legislature. [e]


  • Member of Parliament (UK) [r]: An elected representative in the House of Commons (the lower house of the legislative branch of government in the UK); they represent the public, debate legislation, vote on whether a bill should become law, and serve on various committees. [e]
  • Speaker of the House of Commons (UK) [r]: chair of the United Kingdom's lower house of Parliament, responsible for keeping debates to order and ensuring that proper parliamentary procedure is followed; also represents the Commons to the House of Lords, other parliamentary groups and the public. [e]
  • Current state of the political parties in the House of Commons
  • Members' Lobby [r]: Hallway in the Palace of Westminster used by members of the House of Commons, that may congregate here for discussions while not dealing with other business. [e]

Other related topics