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German Americans/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about German Americans.
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  • American Civil War [r]: Major war 1861-65 fought over slavery in which the U.S. defeated the secessionist Confederate States of America. [e]
  • American Revolution [r]: The political and military action of the American colonists who overthrew British control between 1763-1789. [e]
  • Gilded Age [r]: the post-Civil War era in American history, from 1865 to 1901, which saw unprecedented economic, industrial, and population expansion. [e]
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin [r]: Name of the largest city and largest county in the state of Wisconsin and 22nd-largest city in the U.S.A. [e]
  • Nativism (politics) [r]: Interests of certain established inhabitants of an area or nation as compared to claims of newcomers or immigrants. [e]
  • New Deal Coalition [r]: The alignment of interest groups and voting blocks who supported the New Deal and voted for Democratic presidential candidates from 1932 until approximately 1966. [e]
  • Richard Hofstadter [r]: (1916–1970) Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian at Columbia University. [e]
  • Yankee [r]: An American of New England origin or heritage; a Northerner in the American Civil War [e]