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  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode [r]: A technology for the transfer of fixed-length "cells" of digital information through specialized cell switches built on top of optical transmission networks; increasingly obsolescent [e]
  • Datagram [r]: A self-contained unit of data, containing a source and destination address analogous to a letter, which can be efficiently forwarded by routers [e]
  • Forwarding plane [r]: The part of the router architecture that decides what to do with packets arriving on an inbound interface. [e]
  • Ingress filtering [r]: A class of network security measures based on the assumption that a packet entering a network must be forged, if the network has no return route to its source address [e]
  • Packet [r]: A unit of information transferred between intermediate switches or routers in a packet-based communication system; the most basic differentiation of packets are whether they contain full source and destination addresses (i.e., are datagrams) or have only the identifier of a connection, which the intermediate device needs to look up to find the destination and take a second step to decide where to forward the packet [e]
  • Routing information base [r]: An electronic table (file) or database type object that is stored in a router or a networked computer. [e]