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A timeline (or several) relating to Electric motor.

Timeline of motor and engine technology

1698: Thomas Savery builds a steam-powered water pump for pumping water out of mines
1712: Thomas Newcomen builds a piston-and-cylinder steam-powered water pump for pumping water out of mines
1769: James Watt patents his first improved steam engine
1816: Robert Stirling invented his hot air Stirling engine
1837: First American patent for an electric motor (U.S. Patent 132, PDF)
1937: Hans von Ohain builds a gas turbine
1960s: alternators replace generators on automobile engines
1970s: electronically controlled ignition appears in automobile engines
  • electronically controlled ignition improved to reduce pollution
  • electronic fuel injection appears on gasoline automobile engines
1990s: Hybrid vehicles that run on an internal combustion engine and an electric motor charged by the previous engine to retain peak power usage.