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A list of key readings about Edinburgh.
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  • Edingburgh Picturesque Notes by Robert Louis Stevenson (Free Public Domain Books from the Classic Literature Library)
  • The Edinburgh Visitor Guide by Colin Baxter (Photographer) Illustrated reference for a trip to Scotland's capital. Oyster Press (May 1, 2004); ISBN 193257302X
  • Arthur Herman (2002) How the Scots Created the Modern World: The True Story of How Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It. New York: Crown, ISBN 0609809997. Herman credits Scotland's sudden transformation to its system of education, especially the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. The 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment, embodied by such thinkers as Francis Hutcheson, Adam Smith and David Hume, paved the way for Scottish and, Herman argues, global modernity.
  • Lonely Planet Edinburgh by Neil Wilson ("Scotland's capital has * been a top tourist destination since Sir Walter Scott invented the Scottish tourist industry in the early 19th century...") Lonely Planet Publications; 4th edition (June 2006) ISBN 174059830X
  • Edinburgh: A Cultural and Literary History (Cities of the Imagination Series) by Donald Campbell. Interlink Publishing Group (October 2003) ISBN 1566565154
  • Reform and Re-creation: Scotland, 1488-1587 (The New Edinburgh History of Scotland) by Jane Dawson Edinburgh University Press (December 15, 2006) ISBN 0748614559
  • Edinburgh and the Reformation (Modern Revivals in History Series) by Michael Lynch. Ashgate Publishing; New Ed edition (September 1993) ISBN 0751202037
  • The History of Edinburgh, from Its Foundation to the Present Time: Containing a Faithful Relation of the Publick Transactions of the Citizens; Accounts of the Several Parishes; Its Governments, Civil, Ecclesiastical, and Military; Incorporations of Trades and Manufactures; Courts of Justice; State of Learning; Charitable Foundations, &c. With the Several Accounts of the Parishes of the Canongate, St. Cuthbert, and other Districts Within the Suburbs of Edinburgh. Together with the Antient and Present State of the Town of Leith, and a Perambulation of Divers Miles Round the City. With an Alphabetical Index. In Nine Books. Hamilton, Balfour, and Neill (1753) ASIN B000I83YJ8
  • Cassell's old and new Edinburgh: Its history, its people, and its places by James Grant. Cassell & Co (1883) ASIN B0008BU8JO
  • Chambers, Robert. Notices of the most remarkable fires in Edinburgh, from 1385 to 1824. 


Edinburgh's Links to the Black Death