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A list of key readings about Depersonalization disorder.
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  • Simeon, D. & Abugel, J. (2006). Feeling Unreal : Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of the Self. Oxford University Press, USA ISBN 0-19-517022-9.
A book devoted entirely to depersonalization disorder written in part by the leading North American expert, Dr. Daphne Simeon. Within it, the authors explore the psychological state of depersonalization, clinical research and possible treatments for DPD, and its philosophical and literary implications. It is written for both sufferers and mental health professionals with ample references.
  • Simeon, D. (2004). "Depersonalisation disorder: a contemporary overview". CNS Drugs 18 (6): 343–54. PMID 15089102.
A 2004 review article on depersonalization disorder.