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Density (disambiguation)

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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.

In mathematics:

  • Developing Article Denseness: A set is dense in another set if the closure of the former set equals the latter set. [e]
  • Density function: Describes, in mathematics, a measure (including probability and statistical distributions) by means of its integrals over subsets. [e]
  • Density (number theory): The asymptotic frequency of a subset of the natural numbers. [e]
  • Packing density: Ratio of area (or volume) covered by non-overlapping bodies in a region to the area (or volume) of that region. [e]
  • Covering density: Ratio of the total area (or volume) of overlapping bodies covering a region to the area (or volume) of that region. [e]
  • Dense subset: In a topological space, a subset whose closure (i.e., all boundary points added) is the whole space. [e]