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  • Bertie Ahern [r]: The longest serving Taoiseach (Prime Minister) in the history of Ireland. The tenth Taoiseach, 1997-2008. [e]
  • Constituent country [r]: A constituent country is a country that is part of a larger entity, such as the constituent countries of the United Kingdom (where the United Kingdom is the sovereign state). [e]
  • God Save the Queen [r]: The national anthem of the United Kingdom and her territories and dependencies, Norfolk Island, one of the two national anthems of the Cayman Islands and New Zealand (since 1977) and the royal anthem of Canada (since 1980), and Australia (since 1984). [e]
  • Home nations [r]: Collective term used to refer to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (which together form the United Kingdom). [e]
  • National anthem [r]: A generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation's government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. [e]
  • Nationalism [r]: Strong belief that the interests of a particular nation-state are of primary importance. [e]
  • Nation [r]: A large group of people with a singular, shared, and commonly-accepted historical identity, identified by a universally recognised name. [e]
  • Scottish Parliament [r]: Legislative body of Scotland, having authority over many aspects of Scottish political life including Health and Education; re-created by the Act of Devolution 1997. [e]
  • United Kingdom [r]: Constitutional monarchy which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. [e]