Coronary artery

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In medicine, the coronary arteries are the arteries that supply blood to the heart.[1]

The coronary arteries on the anterior surface of the heart.

Left main coronary

  • Left anterior descending (LAD)
    • Branches are called the septals and diagonals
  • Ramus intermedius arises from the left main between the LAD and the circumflex in some people.
  • Circumflex
    • Branches are called the obtuse marginals
    • In a minority of people, the circumflex provides the posterior descending artery.
The coronary arteries on the posterior surface of the heart.

Right coronary

  • In most people, the right coronary provides the posterior descending artery.


Acute coronary syndrome

For more information, see: Acute coronary syndrome.

Coronary heart disease

For more information, see: Coronary heart disease.