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Parent topics


  • Barbecue [r]: Cooking technique that involves slow cooking with charcoal or wood fires, sometimes outdoors, but generally in special ovens. [e]
  • Charcoal (art) [r]: A drawing technique that uses soft, black or dark gray, carbon to draw lines and shading on textured paper [e]
  • Gunpowder [r]: Generically, a low explosive used as a propellant, now smokeless powder; the older black powder was used as a warhead filler before the invention of high explosives; also used in pyrotechnics [e]

Other related topics

  • Coal [r]: A carbon-containing rock formed by the effect of bacteria, heat and pressure on the debris from the decay of ferns, vines, trees and other plants which flourished in swamps millions of years ago. [e]
  • Peat [r]: Inflammable vegetable matter, usually from grassland, partially decomposed, but not as compressed as coal. [e]