Can Tho Province

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Can Tho Province is a province of Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta. Its capital is Can Tho City, which has been called the "western capital" or the capital of the Delta.

It is in the center of the Delta, with Bac Lieu Province forming its southwest border, Vien Long and Dong Thap Provinces to the northeast; Soc Trang Province on the southeast; and Kien Gang[1] and An Giang Province on the northwest.

National Highway 1 runs through the province, with Soc Trang an intermediate point on the way to Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon. There is abundant boat transportation, and a light cargo airport in Can Tho City.

The Hau River is the major natural waterway of the province, but there are numerous canals. As well as irrigating farms, they feed the Lung Ngoc Hoang mangrove forest,

Current development

It intends to regain a status as the economic center of the Delta, by 2010, according to a spokesman for its Planning and Investment Department. [2]

The Lung Ngoc Hoang forest is under consideration as a nature reserve and tourism area. The province was the center of a Mekong tourist festival in 2008. [3]


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