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This is a list of uncategorized Citizendium pages - those which show up under uncategorized pages but without the definition subpages etc. which make that list difficult to work through. Uncategorized pages are not included in the total number of live articles we have (currently 18,071).

This list is current as of March 2021, but is not being automatically updated. At present, it lists pages which may be articles, but could be material that does not meet CZ standards, mistakes, test pages, and so on. Some need to be categorized using the {{subpages}} template, others moved somewhere else (such as cold storage or catalogs), have the {{disambig}} tag added (for disambiguation pages) or deleted. Definitions may also be added.

  • If the page title is blue, a Metadata page exists. The article can be fixed simply by adding {{subpages}} to the top of its main page. (The box indicates the article's status: more yellow = more developed.)
  • If the page title is black, that means that there is no Metadata page. Most of these can be fixed by adding {{subpages}} to the top of the main page. The template will then prompt you to create the Metadata page.
  • Note that short pages can be made into definitions, i.e. 'lemma articles', which require a /Definition page and a main page, the latter containing only the line {{subpages}}. A lemma article may have Related Articles, Bibliography, and External Links as subpages.
  • Check for titling errors before subpaginating with {{subpages}}, as once subpages are added, it is more difficult to move pages.
  • Please remove pages from the list once you've dealt with them.

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