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A list of key readings about Belgium.
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  • Arblaster, Paul. A History of the Low Countries. (2006). 298 pp.
  • Blom, J. C. H. and E. Lamberts, eds. History of the Low Countries (2006) 504pp excerpt and text search; also complete edition online
  • Cammaerts, Émile. A History of Belgium from the Roman Invasion to the Present Day (1921) 357 pages; complete text online
  • Dumont, Georges-Henri. Histoire de Bruxelles. Biographie d'une capitale (Brussels 1997)
  • Fishman, J. S. Diplomacy and Revolution. The London Conference of 1830 and the Belgian Revolt (Amsterdam 1988).
  • Mansel, Philip. "Nation Building: the Foundation of Belgium." History Today 2006 56(5): 21-27. ISSN: 0018-2753 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Pirenne, Henri. Histoire de Belgique (1907) full text online
  • Polansky, Janet L. Revolution in Brussels 1787-1793 (1987)
  • Tollebeek, Jo. "Historical Representation and the Nation-State in Romantic Belgium (1830-1850)", Journal of the History of Ideas 59.2 (1998) 329-353 in Project Muse