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Start your scheming now for SUNDAY'S WRITE-A-THON! January 17, 2021
The next Write-a-Thon will take place on Sunday, January 17, 2021--for the second time in nearly a decade!

Hey, WhatsApp? Messaging and Missives is our theme, dedicated to all forms of communication, from letters to social media via bottles or tin can telephones. And of course, we're not just interested in smartphones or email, but languages, writing and other forms of communication too (whale song? Semaphore?).

If the theme topic is not for you, please just be a party pooper and drop by to write about anything else!

We know that not everybody has Sunday at the same time though, so to make it fair our Sunday lasts 48 hours! Therefore, the Write-a-Thon starts when it is Sunday at midnight (in Sydney) and ends when it becomes Monday in San Francisco.

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Featured Article: Bottle

(CC) Photo: Desi Zavatta Musolino
Bottles of tawny Port wine on display in Portugal.

A bottle is a typically small storage container for liquid. Unlike jugs, casks, and drums, they hold a moderate amount and are intended for short term storage of items in frequent, usually household use, although alcoholic beverages and other preserved items can be stored in bottles for years. The word bottle was originally a French word which entered into English use as early as the 1300s.[1]

Bottles have been in use for centuries. The earliest ones were typically made of leather, wood, earthenware, or metal;[2] the majority of modern ones are made of glass or plastic. The shape varies from bulbous to cylindrical, but a characteristic of bottles is a narrower neck than body. They can range from tiny--for perfume and medicine, for example--to rather large--for large novelty bottles of wine[3] and other alcoholic beverages. Because they are intended to hold liquid, it is important that bottles be made of materials that do not seep, and preferably ones which do not lend chemicals or tastes to the liquid contents. Glass bottles have particular significance; they are non-porous and durable, and unless cracked or broken can store items for years. Many glass bottles are now collectibles.


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