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Single-issue political parties

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Single-issue political parties are political parties that enter candidates in elections in order to push a single issue, rather than a comprehensive set of policies. A single-issue political party is not the same as a pressure group which works with (or against) existing political leaders and parties and advocates change through public campaigns and in the media, but does not seek election.

United Kingdom

  • The Legalise Cannabis Alliance have fielded candidates since 1999 on the single issue of marijuana legalisation. Deregistered as a political party in 2006.
  • ProLife Alliance was registered as a political party until 2004 and campaigned against abortion, and pursued a lengthy legal challenge against the BBC for the right to have party political broadcasts containing graphic pictures of aborted foetuses.
  • No Candidate Deserves My Vote! is a party set up to campaign for the addition of a "None of the above" option to ballot forms.
  • Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern was set up to campaign against the reduction of NHS provision in Kidderminster.