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Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd
Years active 1965–1995, 2005
Status Inactive
Origin London, England
Music genre(s) Progressive rock, psychedelic rock
Members Syd Barrett (1965-1968)
David Gilmour (1967- )
Nick Mason
Roger Waters (1965-1985, 2005)
Richard Wright

Pink Floyd are a widely acclaimed psychedelic rock band which originated in England in the 1960s, and achieved international success with a series of albums characterized by conceptual themes, sound effects, and oftentimes a somewhat dark tone.

Pink Floyd's most successful albums include The Wall, an allegory about a boy losing his father in the Second World War, Wish You Were Here, and Dark Side of the Moon. Dark Side of the Moon has spent the most amount of time on the 'Billboard Top 200' chart of any album in history, although not contiguously. [1]


A founding member, David Gilmour took over his position in the band as a result of Syd's continuing detachment from reality

Lead guitar, lead vocals


The band's main songwriter, especially during The Wall. Left the band after The Final Cut; he has however played with them recently

Keyboards, backup vocals

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