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CZ:Proposals/Ad hoc

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These are proposals that are being managed on an ad hoc basis by selected individuals.

Standardizing nomenclature for wars and conflicts, with system to link in partisan names

Summary: We have had confusion, and some arguments, on the nomenclature for events involving "the extension of politics (group or national) through military or paramilitary means." The confusion involves both semantics and syntax. We need standards.


  • neutral name, with partisan and other names mentioned early in the article and with redirects to them (e.g., War Between the States, War of Yankee Aggression)
  • Partisan names (e.g., Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, 2003 US invasion of Iraq).
  • specialized (e.g., POLO STEP vice IRAQI FREEDOM)
  • high-intensity combat vs. occupation/nationbuilding/resistance

Syntax means choosing the format of:

  • [location], conflict in [dates]
  • conflict (war) in [location] [dates]
Original proposer: Howard C. Berkowitz 09:58, 24 July 2008 (CDT) Next step: Fill in next step
Driver: Howard C. Berkowitz To be done by: Fill in target date for next step
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