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CZ:History Workgroup

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The Citizendium History Workgroup
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The History Workgroup creates and improves articles related to history, historiography, and the history discipline. Authors and editors interested in all areas of history are welcomed in this group. If you wish to be an author in this field, please add yourself to Category:History Authors by adding [[Category:History Authors]] to your user page. You free to start right in improving our articles. If you meet the requirements to be a Citizendium Editor for this workgroup, please follow the directions found here.

Style Guide

If you are writing in the History Workgroup, please contribute to the style guide for history articles. Please also follow our agreed style. Thanks.

Core articles

Core articles are those that are as-yet unwritten and so should be prioritised. Please start articles on the topics below. Click here to edit this transcluded list.


Click on the [r] after the first definition below to edit this list of transcluded subtopics.

  • History [r]: Study of past human events based on evidence such as written documents. [e]

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Root category

The root category heads a logical hierarchy for ease of subject navigation. It holds the core article and any key sub-topics. All other related articles are sub-categorised below the root.

Key topics

Proposed articles

This list is not exhaustive but it must be limited to high priority articles which will broaden essential coverage of the subject to enhance the reader's understanding.

Priority Articles

In the list of articles below, the existence of an approved version is indicated by italics.

Importing content

If you want to import one of these articles from Wikipedia, please read CZ:How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles first. In particular, please do not import WP articles unless you plan on beginning work on them "within the hour" as the article says.

Main subject areas

History | Social history | History of economic thought | History of pre-classical economic thought | Political history | History of Science | History of Technology | Military history | Women's history | World history | Leaders |

Prehistory to Middle Ages

Ancient Egypt | Ancient Greece | Ancient Rome | Byzantine Empire | Caliphate | Crusades | The Papacy | Holy Roman Empire | Middle Ages | Ottoman Empire | Assyrians | Babylonians | Early Islam |

Renaissance to Industrial Age

Renaissance | The Enlightenment | French Revolution | Napoleon | England, Civil War | Industrial Revolution | Reformation | Scientific Revolution |

National history

China, history | History of the United Kingdom | France, history | Germany, history | India, history | Italy, history | Japan, history | Poland, history | Russia, history | U.S., history | History of Ireland | Australia, history

Notable Historians

British Historians

  • Bede [r]: The first English historian, author of the Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum. [e]
  • Edward Gibbon [r]: Author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. [e]
  • R H Tawney [r]: Economic historian. [e]
  • Winston Churchill [r]: British Prime Minister and war leader during the Second World War from 1940 to 1945; second term from 1951 to 1955. Won the Nobel Prize for Literature as a historian. [e]

French Historians

German Historians

Ancient Greek Historians

  • Herodotus [r]: (c. 484 BC - c. 430 BC) Greek historian, author of the Histories (historiai, 'inquiries'), called 'The Father of History,' as he was among the first to approach the reporting of history in a logical and skeptical way. [e]
  • Thucydides [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Xenophon [r]: c.430—c.350 BCE); Greek philosopher, historian and soldier; often considered the first true military historian [e]

Israeli Historians

Roman Historians

U.S. Historians