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Zev Jabotinsky

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Vladimir Zev Jabotinsky (also transliterated Ze'ev from Hebrew) (1880-1940) was the leader of the Revisionist branch of Zionism. He believed that the historic Jewish state was on both sides of the Jordan River (i.e., the modern one-state solution. The Revisionists were secular, and regarded Zionism as more ethnic and historical than religious. He argued for a Jewish homeland, with no apologies for Jewish identity.[1]

In the First World War, he argued for a distinct Jewish Legion fighting unit, which fought for the British against the Ottoman Empire.[2] His commission in the British Army, however, was revoked in 1920 for leading armed defense of Jews in Palestine. [3]

In 1936, he proposed an evacuation of the Polish Jews. [4]

The Revisionist movement terminated in 1937, but he founded the predecessor of the modern Likud political party[5] He was an early contributor to Haaretz.


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