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Directed by Mitchell Bard, the Jewish Virtual Library, formerly called JSOURCE, is a division of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise. It was created in 1993.[1] Besides Judaica, it is a strong online reference source for documents related to Holocaust and Nazi Germany. While it does contain bibliographies, it is not a search engine and is not extensively Web-linked; the organization's intention is to have needed material in one place.

It is divided into 13 sections:

  • History
  • Women
  • Holocaust
  • Travel
  • Israel & The States
  • Maps
  • Politics
  • Biography
  • Israel
  • Religion
  • Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress; it is an authorized mirror site with some uniquely scanned materias
  • Vital Statistics
  • Reference, including bibliographies, a glossary, and a time-line for the history of Judaism

There is also a multimedia "Virtual Israel Experience".

An American Library Association review describes as "a comprehensive Web site on Israel, Jews and Jewish culture; no attempt is made to shy away from uncomfortable subjects within the history or current events of Jewish life." [2]