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Windows 7 comprises several versions of an operating system for home and business computers, tablet PCs and media centers, developed by Microsoft and first released in 2009. In June that year, pre-release versions of the new system accounted for about 1.6% of the market.[1]

Windows 7 editions

  • Starter - Starter edition is a stripped down version of Windows 7 mainly targeted for netbooks and other less powerful machines. Notable attribute of Starter edition is lack of Aero user interface.
  • Home Basic - Home Basic edition is marketed for emerging countries. Home Basic was created by Microsoft to provide lower cost Windows OS for emerging countries. While Home Basic edition is cheaper, it isn't available in first class countries and does have regional lock to prevent exporting to other markets.
  • Home Premium - Home Premium is geared towards home computers. It includes multimedia feature rich software and is suitable everyday computing by home users.
  • Professional - Professional edition contains everything from Home Premium version plus few notable corporate features such as being able to join the domain, encrypted file system, remote desktop. Professional edition is suitable for small to mid-size businesses
  • Enterprise - Enterprise version of Windows is created for medium to large size corporations. Enterprise edition cannot be purchased off the shelf and must be purchased using volume licensing. Enterprise edition contain everything from Professional plus BitLocker drive encryption technology as well as UNIX application support.
  • Ultimate - Ultimate version is identical to the Enterprise version with being able to be purchased off the shelf. Ultimate is geared towards enthusiasts and might not be suitable for the general populations.


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