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CZ:Editorial_Council_Resolution_0007 Dear All, As per: The new Chair will take charge from the first Tuesday of April, viz., April 07, 2009. The Election process for 2009 will also begin from the same day, as per: The Selection Official is the Secretary of the EC. There will be 33 regular members of the Editorial Council, 22 editors and 11 authors. All members must satisfy the requirements for membership listed at: Members will serve two-year terms, with a selection occurring yearly on the first Tuesday of April, with a term limit of one consecutive term (subject to rules stated below), and with no limit on non-consecutive terms. For the Elections of 2009,

   EC Members to Continue: 17 members added in 2008 (including 11 editors and 6 authors; note, two of the editors actually carry over from 2007, because there were only 9 new editors in 2008) 
   New EC Members to be inducted: 16 members (11 editors and 5 authors) 
   Exiting: 16 members completing 2007 terms (11 editors and 5 authors; note, the 5 authors serve only one year to make the transition to 2/3 editors, 1/3 authors) 

Wishing a successful election for the next term.

Notes to self

Remove this test edit from everypage.

The comparison between {{BASEPAGENAME}} and {{{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Metadata|info=pagename}} does not call them equal correctly all the time. Three examples of the problem are:
  1. Frequency vs frequency
  2. Arther's Seat vs Arther's Seat (apostrophe problem, possibly other marks too)
  3. Subsubpage name due to the hierarchy issues.

For specific examples see Arthur's Seat/Approval

The following changes to dabdef template allow for disambiguated term to live at the most common form of the word. In this case, if there is a metadata page, the R template will use the definition from the basename location rather directing the author to use a disambiguated term. 23:59, 23 September 2008 (CDT) For catalogs.

  • Specific subpage categories are now placed on talk page so do not trail the extended subpage name for every entry when seen in the subpages categories. See {{Talk Always}}.
  • Extra/Optional subpages categories are on all subpages except for the default ones. These give lists of all optional subpages in a particular workgroup and thus require the subpagename so they can be distinguished for each article. See {{All Subpage Content}}.
  • {{Catalogs header}} is now only used for the header. The footer is not used for anything at present.
  • To-Do: Need to consider where the sub-subpages fit into this scheme, should probably do something similar.
  • All approved talk pages will need to have the following format for this scheme to work:

#REDIRECT [[Talk:Dog/Draft]] <noinclude>{{Subpages}}</noinclude>

Category:Move def
Category:Need def
Category:Delete def
Category:Definition Only
Category:Related Articles Only
Category:Dabdef Subpages


Category:Metadata to finish
Category:Misplaced subpage
Category:Unexpected subsubpage
Category:Incompatible editor status
Category:No metadata template
Category:Incorrect metadata pagename
Category:No approval page
Category: No talk page
Category: Orphan subpage

Talk:Test article

This page uses content from Wikipedia. The original article was at Chris Day/Notes to self. The text of Wikipedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

  • Need to figure out why basepagename does not work with some characters. Is this a problem for the normal function of the template? Need a way to figure out when basepagename and pagename in metadata template are different. Most likely after a move. Since the old name will still exist as a redirect this error catch will not detect such examples. Chris Day (talk) 19:05, 19 March 2008 (CDT)
  • What to do with subpages with out a main article. i.e. Charles, Prince of Wales. And why is this one getting the pagename warning instead of the no metadata/no article warning? Need to readjust these warning plate parameters and add a new template saying no associated article. Possibly have some of the parameters shown on the tempalte so a judgement call can be made as to whether to delete, move or create a new cluster. Possibly make less conspicuous on floating subpages in case that is desirable. Chris Day (talk) 19:47, 19 March 2008 (CDT)
  • Turns out that the capitalalization does matter if using subsubpages. The tennis subsubpages is an example. Any time a string such as Template:Article name or Talk:Article name is used it will crash the template. Can catch this by checking for if the subpage is one of the three that can support subsubpages yet gives a misparsed subsubpage. Will be in the unexpected category.

Keep these template for Template:Subpages2 the vertical version of subpages. I will probably develop this into a workgroup core articles template.

Hmm, that didn't work (whatever you just did).  :-) Very glad to see you back at work here, Chris! --Larry Sanger 22:53, 27 September 2008 (CDT)