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Telepresence/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Telepresence.
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  • Hypertext [r]: A means of combining human-readable information with metadata about the information, with special reference to the ability to "link" or "jump" to subjects of interest; invented by Ted Nelson at Project Xanadu in the 1960s and first deployed as Apple Computer's product, Hypercard; ancestor of the Hypertext Markup Language and the World Wide Web [e]
  • Precision-guided munition [r]: A powered or unpowered weapon that adjusts its flight path to hit a specific target, with a circular error probability in the low number of meters, often less than the radius of destruction [e]
  • Robotics [r]: The science of designing, building, and using robots for a set of tasks. [e]
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [r]: Powered aircraft, which do not carry humans and can be either remote-controlled by human operators or operate under its own computer control, and can carry lethal or nonlethal payloads (i.e., weapons and sensors) [e]