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Talk:P.G. Wodehouse

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 Definition (1881-1975) Humorous British novelist, creator of the characters Jeeves, Bertie Wooster, Psmith, and the Empress of Blandings, among others. [d] [e]

I want to make a footnote of all this, with the dialogue etc in different paragraphs so that there are either indents or line breaks so that it all lines up neatly and is easy to read. So far I'm totally frustrated, although I have been trying different strategies for some time....

text from the original article",[1]


  1. In Bring on the Girls, The Improbable Story of Our Life in Musical Comedy, a joint autobiography by Wodehouse and his longtime collaborator Guy Bolton, we have the following:

    On the opening night Jerry Kern came over to where Bolton stood leaning on the back-rail, his face pale, his lips moving as if in prayer.

    'How do you think it's going?' he asked.

    Guy came out of his trance.

    'I'm too numb to tell. There's a man in large spectacles over there who seems to be enjoying it.

    Jerry glanced in the direction indicated.

    'Wodehouse,' he said.'

    I suppose it is,' said Guy, 'but that's only to be expected on an opening night. The question is, what's it going to be like tomorrow?'

    'What on earth are you talking about?'

    'You said it's a good house.

    "I didn't. I said Woodhouse.'

    (For the benefit of the uninitiated, that is the way it is pronounced.)

Glad to see an article that is fun to read. There is a passage in his life which will need some mention - during the war he was interned in Germany and made some broadcasts alleged to be pro-German propaganda (but which his supporters say he subverted through his satire). However the charge of collaboration soured his reputation in the UK.Gareth Leng 07:46, 11 January 2008 (CST)