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P.G. Wodehouse/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about P.G. Wodehouse.
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  • Jaggard, Geoffrey (1968). Blandings the Blest, London:Macdonald & Co. Ltd. —a 227-page study of the Blandings saga arranged alphabetically in the form of generally brief dictionary entries such as: "Murgatroyd, Lady Mabel: a sedulous Aldermaston marcher, this dau. of the Earl of Ippleton. Her Titian charms win a reprieve from the coop when she appears in the dock with Bingo Little following a Trafalgar Square incident. Fortunately her noble father, q.v. is made of sterner stuff (PP)" and "Branksome, Lt. Col. Sir Redvers: as tough an egg as ever said Yoicks to a Leicestershire foxhound (MUN)"
  • Jasen, David (1974). P.G. Wodehouse: a portrait of a master,. New York: Mason & Lipscomb. ISBN 9780884050100. 
  • McCrum, Robert (2004). Wodehouse : a life, 1st American ed.. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.. ISBN 9780393051599. 
  • Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville (1981). Wodehouse on Wodehouse,Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England: Penguin Books Ltd. -This 654-page collection has three autobiographical works by Wodehouse:
    • Bring on the Girls, The Improbable Story of Our Life in Musical Comedy, by Wodehouse and Guy Bolton, first published in 1954
    • Performing Flea, first published in 1953
    • Over Seventy, first published in 1957