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 Definition Thinking about, monitoring, and regulating one’s own thinking and thinking processes; an exemplification of cognitive science. [d] [e]

Starting article on 'metacognition' for Jan '09 Write-a-Thon

Collaborators encouraged.

Regarding blockquotes

One hardly ever sees italicized blockquotes in books or articles. Larry has said we should not italicize them, as the blockquote template does.

One usually sees them indented, sometimes in smaller font size. I use code that calls for 0.99em, and gives three font faces in case a browser does not have the first one indicated.

I prefer 0.99em Comic Sans MS, as it sets the quote off distinctly from the main text. I employ blockquotes frequently in articles that I originate.

I wish I knew how to create a template for my code.

Anthony.Sebastian 03:27, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

1. If you want to change the way blockquotes look, you need to argue for a system-wide change to the stylesheet, rather than doing it on individual articles. I'll keep on removing them until that point because it looks unprofessional to have a small subset of articles that have a different font design than the rest. You do not find in books and articles situations where most of the chapters look one way and the rest are in some wacky colour.
Re 1.: Tom, the reason I change the way blockquotes work: the blockquote template output so offends my aesthetic sensibilities that I cannot employ it in the articles I originate and develop, typically with little in the way of content collaboration. I respectfully request that you do not "...keep on removing them...". I very much prefer the code I've worked out, painfully, as I have little programming experience, and if you change them to a form that you prefer, if only for consistency's sake, I shall find myself discouraged to say the least.
I pride myself on the articles I originate, and on the abandoned ones and stubs I try to move along, as I work hard to make them accessible, accurate, informative, coherent, and, by my aesthetic standards, attractive. I do that because I believe in the primary mission of Citizendium and because it gives me a great feeling of self-fulfillment, and resonates with my sense of purpose, vision of opportunity, sense of community, thirst for knowledge, work ethic, and so many other non-material resources for leading a fulfilling life.
I have contributed to Citizendium actively since November 2006, back in its 'pilot' stage. I relish the opportunity to contribute, and I appreciate the opportunity Citizendium offers me to exercise creativity and flexibility as a knowledge worker.
Please consider my remarks in your goal to remove my blockquote style. —Anthony.Sebastian 15:25, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
2. Comic Sans MS is the spawn of a particularly malevolent deity. It's awful, looks unprofessional and, and, and, well, there's so much to say about this particularly awful font. Ransom notes, irony and birthday invitations for the under 10 demographic are about the only real uses for it. In a scholarly article on philosophy? That's crazy. It's the only typeface where there are blog posts called things like Friends don't let friends use Comic Sans, I hate Comic Sans, Comic Sans is NOT okay, Comic Sans: The Font Everyone Loves To Hate, The Curse of Comic Sans etc. –Tom Morris 13:16, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
Re 2.: Respectfully, your remarks on Comic Sans MS seem to reflect your own personal aesthetic sensibility, and those of the individuals you cite. I would encourage you to respect those sensibilities in writing the articles that you originate and develop, and those to which you contribute substantial content. Again, I respectfully request you encourage me likewise.
Will you allow me to have my blockquote style until Citizendium has matured to its post-charter organizational stage and formally addresses the issues of style consistency, as, at the present time one finds much style inconsistency among Citizendium's articles overall, perhaps because authors' and editors' aversion to hobgoblins.
Thank you for this consideration. —Anthony.Sebastian 15:22, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

Article needs content collaborators

I originated this article long ago, and work a little on it from time to time. It could benefit from content collaborators. —Anthony.Sebastian 03:34, 25 May 2010 (UTC)