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 Definition Pioneering computer scientist specializing in programming languages and interoperability; rear admiral in the U.S. Navy [d] [e]

Personal recollections

I didn't know her well -- indeed, Carl Hammer, who had had a friendly competition with her for years really brought me into the field. Nevertheless, I listened to many of her presentations and had a few chats with her. Yes, I've had dinner with her; no, it wasn't a date. In the Washington DC area, almost any computer club, especially college ones, could get her as a speaker and generic inspiration.

She did have one frequently recycled lecture, and I hope someone has recorded much of it. Some of her examples of thinking unconventionally came from her responses to assignments at the War College. Traditionally, they were graded "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory", but hers tended to get "interesting. Very, very interesting."

Howard C. Berkowitz 21:27, 20 August 2010 (UTC)