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The War Workgroup will organize and coordinate efforts to create and improve articles relating to military affairs. If you are interested in participating, you may add yourself to Category:Military Authors, discuss issues on the Military Workgroup Forum, or simply dive in and begin contributing. If you'd like to be an editor, please follow these instructions and you will, if accepted, be added to Category:Military Editors.

Open issues


Click on the [r] after the first definition below to edit this list of transcluded subtopics.

  • Military [r]: The standing armed forces of a country, that are directed by the national government and are tasked with that nation's defense. [e]
  • Army [r]: Either the largest type of formation for a land-based military force, or the entirety of a nation's military force responsible for its land defenses. [e]
  • Air force [r]: The part of a nation's military that is responsible, at the least, for long range air warfare. [e]
  • Naval infantry [r]: Personnel assigned to naval ships, who are qualified to engage in combat using individual weapons, against enemy personnel on land or on ships that were boarded [e]
  • Navy [r]: A military force organized primarily for missions on, under, or above bodies of water [e]
  • Special operations [r]: Military or paramilitary operations that differ from conventional operations in degree of physical and political risk, operational techniques, mode of employment, independence from friendly support, and dependence on detailed operational intelligence and indigenous assets; they are often controlled at a national or strategic level of command [e]
  • Staff (military) [r]: A military organization to extend the capabilities of a commander, by providing services from personal assistance to presenting alternative plans and managing the details of warfare [e]
  • Military academy [r]: A general term for dedicated academic institutions for training officers for entry to a military service; may also refer to military-themed schools below the college level [e]
  • Staff college [r]: Military-operated educational institutes that train midlevel officers to take on staff responsibilities beyond the small unit level; typical students are approximately at the rank major or equivalent, often junior majors or promising captains [e]
  • War college [r]: Educational institutions operated by military organizations for officers, and civilian politicomilitary counterparts, expected to go into senior roles; the typical attendee is a senior lieutenant colonel or equivalent [e]

Core articles

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Original priority articles

High priority articles

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In alphabetical order, according to category.

Main subject areas

Air Force | Army | Civil War | Military Ethics | Military Law | Military Doctrine | Militia | Navy | Philosophy of War | Soldier | War | Weapon


Artillery|Autocannon | Biological weapon | Chemical weapon |Edged weapon| Small Arms | Gunpowder |Guided missile|Machine gun| Mortar | Multiple rocket launcher | Nuclear weapon| Precision-guided munition| Radiological weapon | Rifle | Ship | Submarine | Tank | Weapons of Mass Destruction | Unguided rocket


Napoleon Bonaparte | Julius Caesar | Joan of Arc | George Armstrong Custer | Alexander the Great | Hannibal | Georgi Zhukov | Douglas MacArthur | George Patton | Erwin Rommel | Mao Tse-Tung

Military Science & Philosophy

Subject Areas

Military doctrine | Just war theory | Grand strategy| Military strategy | Operational art | Tactics


Alliance | Asymmetric warfare | Blockade |Centers of gravity (military)| Command and control | C3I-ISR |Counterinsurgency | Economic warfare | Intelligence (information gathering) |Insurgency | Logistics (military) |Network-centric warfare | Strategic bombing | Swarming (military)

Thinkers, Scholars, Philosophers, & Strategists

Charles Ardant du Picq | John Boyd | Carl von Clausewitz | Julian S. Corbett | Giulio Douhet | Waldemar Erfurth | Frederick the Great | J.F.C. Fuller | Hugo von Freytag-Loringhoven | Antoine-Henri Jomini | Wilhelm von Leeb | Basil Liddell Hart | Alfred Thayer Mahan |Roger Trinquier| Maurice de Saxe | William Mitchell | Miyamoto Musashi | Sun Tzu | John Warden III | Vegetius

Military Justice, Law, & Ethics

Ethics & Ethical Codes

Bushido | Chivalry | Genocide | Just War theory

Law & Legal Concepts

Geneva Conventions | International law | Martial law | Military law | Treaties | War crime


Court-martial of Billy Mitchell | International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg)| Nuremberg Military Tribunals | International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg) International Military Tribunal for the Far East

Military Forces, Branches, Institutions, & Structures

Force Types

Army | Air Force | Navy | Coast Guard | Naval infantry | Special operations

Ground (army) Force Types

Ancient & Pre-Modern

Archer | Dragoon | Horse Cavalry | Knight | Pikeman | Skirmisher


Combat arms

Army Cooperation Aviation | Artillery | |Air, artillery and missile defense | Armor (branch) | Infantry | Special Operations

Combat support

Military intelligence | Military police| Chemical corps | signal

Combat service support

Military medicine |general engineering (military)[1],finance (military)| | ordnance, Maintenance (military), supply (military), and transportation (military)

Personnel types

Commissioned Officer | Enlisted | Non-commissioned officer | Warrant Officer

  • Ranks (By country, according to branches)

Field marshal | General | Lieutenant general | Major general | Brigadier general | Colonel | Lieutenant colonel | Major | Captain | First lieutenant | Second lieutenant

Air Forces

Ranks (Commonwealth) air forces=

Marshal of the Air Force | Air Chief Marshal | Air Vice Marshal | Air Commodore | Group Captain | Squadron Leader | Flying officer

Aircraft types

Bomber aircraft | Fighter aircraft | Transport aircraft | C3I-ISR aircraft | Rotary wing aircraft

Naval forces

Fleet admiral|Admiral|Vice admiral|Rear admiral | Commodore | Captain (naval) | Commander (naval) | Lieutenant Commander | Lieutenant (naval)

Ship types

Submarine | Aircraft carrier | Battleship | Cruiser | Destroyer | Ocean escort | Fast attack craft | Replenishment ship | Prepositioning ship

Military Institutions

Military Academy
United States Military Academy West Point, NY
United States Coast Guard Academy ; New London, CT
United States Naval Academy : Annapolis, MD
United States Air Force Academy : Colorado Springs, CO

Civilian US Military Academies
Virginia Military Institute
The Citadel
Norwich University


Propaganda | Recreation | Recruitment | Training

Military History

Development of Warfare

In chronological order.

  • Western Warfare

Ancient | Roman | Medieval | Renaissance | Modern

  • Eastern Warfare


Periods of Warfare

Three Kingdoms period | Warring States period

Wars in history (in chronological order)

Note: many of these entries will also be High Priority articles in the History Workgroup.

Crusades | Hundred Years' War | American Revolutionary War | American Civil War | World War I | World War II | Korean War | Wars of Vietnam and Vietnam War (1962-1975) | Iran-Iraq War | Gulf War | Iraq War | Afghanistan War (disambiguation)


Battle of Agincourt | Battle of Hastings | Battle of Waterloo | Culloden | Siege of Orleans


  1. As opposed to combat engineering