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Talk:Chief of Naval Operations

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 Definition The senior officer of the United States Navy, not in the operational chain of command but responsible for preparation and readiness of naval forces [d] [e]

how to increase size on naval flow chart image .gif ?

Hello, I am not very wiki savy. I would like to request that the size of image be increased. Also, could someone tell me what book I could buy to learn how to do things like adjust images on wikis? Thank you. Tom Kelly 22:40, 28 May 2008 (CDT)

Your best bet is to see what other people are doing, learning by experience seems to work pretty well. Have you see the how to section (see to the left under Dive in!, Mediawiki help)? It has quite a few examples, as much as you probably need. Chris Day 22:45, 28 May 2008 (CDT)

Trying to straighten out 3 org charts

I am trying to get the organization charts cleaned up. Unfortunately, I put the Shore Organization up first, where I meant to put the immediate office of the CNO. Eventually, there should be charts for the Office of the CNO, the Shore Establishment, and the Navy Staff, which should appear in other articles as well.

May I suggest that within the first 24 hours or so after an article first appears that graphics not be manipulated, in the body of the article, until the article is somewhat stable? I've been working on the content of the article and haven't had the time to go research image maps. The first graphic also should probably have its file renamed, but I feel as if I would change too much now by doing so.

I'll try to put up a forum comment on the issue of changes very shortly after an article, especially when the initial post is short, first appears. It's probably not unique to me that I'll put up a stubby first page, even though I'll properly call it "developing", because I want to check some wikilinks before putting up additional text, or, as in this case, because I need to make a phone call to find some additional graphics. Speaking for myself, I'd ask for 24 hours or so to get up the basic content, unless something is flatly unreadable.

Thanks. Howard C. Berkowitz 08:17, 29 May 2008 (CDT)

Howard, the only reason I added the imagemap was as an experiment, that figure seemed ideally suited to such a navigational aid. I have never used imagemap before either, but thought it might be of interest to you as you develop this suite of articles. Certainly I don't mind if you undo that work. With regard to changing the name of the graphic, or the content for that matter, it is never too late to change. You can just upload a new version and tag the old one with {{speedydelete|Uploaded by mistake. I am the author|~~~~}}. You could even have the figure in a template that you use on each article, thus only one location would need to be edited to maintain and correct the complex figure. Chris Day 08:57, 29 May 2008 (CDT)
With regard to the imagemap figure being a template used in many of these articles as a nvigational aid. You could set up something similar to Template:Naval Shore Establishment that, when coded in wikimarkup as {{Naval Shore Establishment}}, will be seen as to the right here: Template:Naval Shore Establishment
I hope this is useful for you. Chris Day 09:10, 29 May 2008 (CDT)
Chris the navigational template is beautiful! Howard, I don't think a Grace period is necessary. Nothing is permanent on a wiki and it is a group project from the get go; anything that is adjusted or added can be readjusted later. I think that there are offline ways of writing an article then uploading it all at once if you want to do more work before others jump in. Tom Kelly 10:38, 29 May 2008 (CDT)
I think this has a lot of potential to make the reader experience more intuitive. I've been meaning to play with this for a long time. Chris Day 10:44, 29 May 2008 (CDT)

I'm going to ask for the aforementioned template to be deleted, since the template namespace is not the right place for this sort of thing. I thought I'd copy the code for it here, so that if anyone does decide to use it on this article in the future they can paste the code straight in. Caesar Schinas 17:26, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

Image:CNO Staff.gif|thumb|300px|Navy Shore Establishment generally under the CNO
default [[:Image:CNO Staff.gif]]
rect 172 6 260 50 [[Chief of Naval Operations|CNO]]
rect 290 40 380 90 [[Office of the Chief of Naval Operations]]
rect 50 65 140 110 [[Bureau of Naval Personnel]]
rect 50 115 140 160 [[Bureau of Medicine and Surgery]]
rect 0 190 90 240 [[Naval Sea Systems Command]]
rect 0 245 90 290 [[Naval Air Systems Command]]
rect 0 300 90 345 [[Naval Facilities Engineering Command]]
rect 0 350 90 395 [[Naval Supply Systems Command]]
rect 110 190 192 240 [[Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command]]
rect 110 245 192 290 [[Strategic Systems Programs]]
rect 110 300 192 345 [[United States Naval Academy]]
rect 110 350 192 395 [[Naval Education and Training Command]]
rect 235 190 325 240 [[Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command]]
rect 235 245 325 290 [[Office of Naval Intelligence]]
rect 235 300 325 345 [[Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center]]
rect 235 350 325 395 [[Naval Security Group Command]]
rect 340 190 432 240 [[Naval Legal Service Command]]
rect 340 245 432 290 [[United States Naval Observatory]]
rect 340 300 432 345 [[Naval Safety Center]]
desc none