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I'm going to change this edit back because (a) repetition of 'Akita prefecture' is unnecessary since the name appears already in the template (Akita prefecture [r]: The Akita prefecture (秋田県 Akita-ken) area of Japan is...); (b) we don't bold titles in the definitions; (c) the bolded title is wrong anyway - 'Akita prefecture', not just 'Akita', is how it's referred to in English, and not just to avoid confusion with the city of the same name; (d) as written it describes where Akita prefecture is rather than what it is; (e) it doesn't need to be a full sentence, but can be shortened; (f) I think extra linking messes up the list of 47 prefectures at Japan/Related Articles#Prefectures; (g) logically, we would now have to change the other 46 definitions to match this one. John Stephenson 06:52, 5 December 2008 (UTC)