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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Secret society.
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Note about the following lists

By their very nature, secret societies are difficult to track and document. The following purport to be lists of secret societies. But many members of such societies would deny that they are, in fact, secret societies. Such denials might be well-founded; in that case, the Citizendium is simply mistaken to assert that an organization might count as a secret society. But in many other cases, such denials are required as part of the very nature of secret societies: not only is certain information about the organization secret, the fact that there is such a society and such secret information is itself part of the secret, and so should be denied by members.

International or non-governmental organizations

These groups are often considered and talked about in the context that they are secret societies.

Student societies

Fraternal organizations

Historical secret societies

Revolutionary or underground organizations

Secret society — alleged secret societies

Either existence, or secret society status, is subject to significant doubt


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