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Societies of "Free and Accepted Masons", often more commonly referred to as "Freemasons" are a global institution present in many of the world's settlements. Often regarded as a global secret society, there are in fact many separate organisations typically divided from one another due to key differences in Religion, Gender or internal politics. Most of these societies are national bodies, although international co-operation exists between different organisations due to a system of recognition. The basis of Freemasonry is the enacting of a system of hidden mysteries, separated into what are termed "Degrees".

The three most universal Degrees of Freemasonry are taught in what is typically known as a "Lodge" or "Temple", although the latter styling is fading from common usage. In Male Freemasonry this will typically be deemed a "Craft Lodge" or "Orient Lodge" depending upon which of the two major masonic factions the Lodge belongs to. More elaborate units, commonly known as "Side Orders", enact additional Degree Ceremonies, which may or may not be officially recognised by the Craft or Orient they are attached to. However, entrance into these Side Orders always requires membership of a designated Craft or Orient Lodge.

Famous freemasons

Robert Burns

Rudyard Kipling