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Parent topics

  • Feedback [r]: The use of information from the monitoring of system performance either to modify or to maintain that performance. [e]


Other related topics

  • Hybrid-pi model [r]: A circuit model used for analyzing the small-signal behavior of transistors. [e]
  • MOSFET [r]: A type of field-effect transistor with four electrical contacts and three layers: a metal top layer (connected to the gate contact),separated by an insulating layer (usually an oxide layer) from a semiconductor layer (connected to the body contact). The gate voltage switches "on" and "off" the electrical connection between a source and drain contact at the semiconductor surface. [e]
  • Bipolar transistor [r]: A three-terminal semiconductor device used for switching and amplification. [e]
  • Nullor [r]: A theoretical network element with infinite gain useful for modeling circuits containing operational amplifiers [e]