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  • Active attack [r]: An attack on a communications system in which the attacker creates, alters, replaces, re-routes or blocks messages; this contrasts with a passive attack in which he only reads them. [e]
  • Block cipher modes of operation [r]: Methods of combining multiple block cipher operations to achieve a larger goal. [e]
  • Block cipher [r]: A symmetric cipher that operates on fixed-size blocks of plaintext, giving a block of ciphertext for each [e]
  • Cryptography [r]: A field at the intersection of mathematics and computer science that is concerned with the security of information, typically the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of some message. [e]
  • Hash (cryptography) [r]: An algorithm that produces a fixed-size digest from an input of essentially arbitrary size. [e]
  • Man-in-the-middle attack [r]: An attack on a communications system in which the attacker deceives the communicating parties so they both talk to him while believing they are talking to each other. [e]
  • Meet-in-the-middle attack [r]: An attack on a block cipher in which the attacker can calculate possible values of the same intermediate variable (the middle) in two independent ways, starting either from the input of the cipher (plaintext) or from the output ( ciphertext); he calculates some possible values each way and compares the results. [e]