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  • Garden [r]: A plot of land used for growing plants for food, recreational purposes or for scientific study; can be private areas of land surrounding a house or public areas shared by the whole community. [e]
  • Geranium [r]: A popular flowering plant in the geraniaceae family. True geraniums have five regular petals. Botanical geraniums are sometimes called Cranesbills to distinguish them from Pelargoniums, which are commonly called geraniums but are in a different genus. [e]
  • Horticulture [r]: An agricultural discipline concerned with the growing of garden plants. [e]
  • lily
  • Pelargonium [r]: A popular flowering plant in the geraniaceae family. Pelargoniums are commonly called geraniums; they are in the same family but a different genus. [e]
  • Rose [r]: Any of thousands of varieties of shrubs and flowers belonging to the genus Rosa; belongs to a larger group called a family, named Rosaceae, that includes brambles and briars. [e]
  • white garden

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