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Ernst Kaltenbrunner/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Ernst Kaltenbrunner.
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  • Adolf Eichmann [r]: A key leader in the planning and operation of the Holocaust, who escaped Germany but was subsequently apprehended by Israeli agents in Argentina, and tried and executed by an Israeli court [e]
  • Gestapo [r]: The secret political police force of Nazi Germany, a state rather than party organization, reporting both to the SS (Party) and Ministry of the Interior (State) [e]
  • International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg) [r]: Conducted by the four major Allied powers in Europe, this proceeding tried the designated Major War Criminals of Nazi Germany, as well as determining whether certain Nazi organizations were to be considered as criminal conspiracies to which membership was a crime [e]
  • National Socialism [r]: The totalitarian ideology espoused by Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi Party; its program was first stated formally in 1920, drafted by Hitler, Gottfried Feder and Anton Drexler [e]
  • RSHA [r]: Nazi Germany's Reich Main Security Organization, a division of the SS, first headed by Reinhard Heydrich and then Ernst Kaltenbrunner; included the Gestapo and SD [e]
  • Schutzstaffel [r]: A Nazi German organization, the "SS". technically part of the National Socialist German Workers' Party but in many respects a "state within a state", its functions intermingled with government offices in a manner characteristic of Adolf Hitler's desire to keep final control. While it is best known for its security and genocidal operations, it also had major economic and regular military roles, a far growth from its original role as Hitler's personal bodyguard [e]
  • The Holocaust [r]: Nazi Germany's systematic economic exploitation, followed by killing, of European Jews and others deemed racial and ideological enemies [e]